Stream Commands!

Command Description
!8ball !eightball Ask the magic eight-ball a question
!backseating View my backseating policy for the current game.
!followage !howlong Find out how long you've been following for.
!help !cmds !commands Links to this page.
!lurk Announce you're lurking.
!quote Get a random thing I (or someone on my stream/channel) has said on stream/video. You can also specify a number or search for specific words. "last", "lastest" or "newest" will return the most recently added quote.
!requestquote Request a quote to be added when Fawful.
!semilurk Announce you're lurking... sort of.
!unlurk Announce you're no longer lurking. And yes Hazama it's on purpose that you can unlurk without lurking first and vice versa. The user could have been lurking without announcing it, and vice versa.
!unsemilurk Announce that you're no longer sort of lurking. This probably isn't really needed.
!uptime Apparently this isn't visible on mobile.
!uranium !points Check how much Uranium you have!

Sound Effects

All sfx cost 1 uranium.
  • !banana
  • !block
  • !bravery
  • !carnage
  • !danger
  • !food
  • !giveup
  • !goforit
  • !heroic
  • !meat
  • !ouch
  • !owowow
  • !pineapple
  • !spinout
  • !toledo
  • !whoa
  • !wipeout

General Redeems

These can be redeemed for all games I am currently playing.

Name Command Cost (uranium) Description
Game Request !ugame 51,538 Select what game I should try next, with some limitations. I'm not about to play a horror game for example. It will be after the current game (or any other already requested games), and I do not promise I will beat it but I will give it a fair try. I will need to be able to acquire the game at a reasonable cost (which mostly means free unless it's a game I was already thinking about acquiring) and be able to capture footage of it. It should be noted that I want to increase the price for this, but feel bad about doing it when someone's close so I'll be increasing it by 10% each time it is redeemed until I'm happy with the price. The early buyer gets a deal!
Here we go speedrun !uspeed 235 I swear I'm not a speedrunner.

Monster Hunter Redeems

These are specific to Monster Hunter: Rise Streams. They should be off during other games if Fawful is good at this. If he forgets to update them, feel free to use one of these to yell at him, and he'll refund it and go fix.

Name Command Cost (uranium) Description
Arena Quest !uarena 983 Make me actually do an arena quest for once. I will be starting from the start, and even attempting the ones that don't let me use dual blades... no promises on winning said dual blade free quests. This is replacing rampage because there's no master rank rampage quests.
Broken Joycons !ujoycon 348 Make me play with my JoyCons which definitely drift for a while. Probably something like 10-20 minutes.
Go Fishing !ufish 92 Make me go fishing. Right now. I wasn't doing anything important was I? (Note: I cannot go fishing during Rampage Quests or in some locals (the Arena for example), if you redeem during one of these times, I will go fishing at the start of my next quest where it's an option.
Let it Live !ulive 486 Capture the monster on the next quest where this makes sense as a concept (including the current quest).
The Unusual !uunusual 142 I must pick a different set of Dango than my usual. This set will count as a usual for a while too so I can't just pick my next 3 favourites every time this happens. Note it's never going to make me use all of the Dango, old "usuals" will be cleared out before then. The exact amount depends on number of Dango unlocked.

You earn 7 uranium every 10 minutes, double if you're a subscriber.
Prices subject to change without notice as I get a better idea on things.